Genius DIY IKEA Platform Bed

Published Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

If you have kids, you need more space.  Am I right?  My kids’ rooms have no room.

This clever design by Chris Heider uses seven basic cabinets from IKEA, some framing lumber, and for less than $500 he built this genius DIY IKEA platform bed in under six hours.  What makes this bed really interesting to me is how much space is available under the mattress as well as shelf space in the cabinets.  My kids would probably want to use the crawl space as a “fort” though.

For budget-conscience parents who are looking for ways to create more space in their child’s bedroom, watch this video.  He does a really great job simplifying it too.  I almost feel like I could tackle this one by myself.  (LOL, just kidding… my husband can do it.)

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