Super Easy Harvest Pumpkin Soup

Published Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Super Easy Harvest Pumpkin Soup mommy perfect

One of the most ubiquitous flavors of the fall is pumpkin (obviously).  Most pumpkin flavored foods are, fortunately or unfortunately, sweet desert items.  But pumpkin is versatile enough to be savory as well, and a warm, creamy, pumpkin soup on a cool autumn day is delightful.  Most pumpkin soup recipes however are either a huge chore to prepare or loaded with curry (a flavor that I personally don’t associate with fall harvest).

Here is my super easy version of pumpkin soup.


I suggest Granny Smith apples for this pumpkin soup, but if you want to try a different apple, I have a list of 10 common apple varieties and their uses, to help figure out which ones you might want to try.

If you are looking to reduce your dietary fat, you can replace the cream with one of these.  Here is a chart of the dietary fat from various replacement options:

Table: Fat grams per cup of dairy product

Heavy Cream (1 cup) 88 fat grams per cup
Half-and-Half (1 cup) 48 fat grams per cup
Whole Milk (1 cup) 7.9 fat grams per cup
2% Milk (1 cup) 4.8 fat grams per cup
1% Milk (1 cup) 2.4 fat grams per cup
Skim Milk (1 cup) 0 fat grams per cup

Super Easy Harvest Pumpkin Soup close mommy perfect

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