Skinny Egg Nog

Published Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015
Skinny Egg Nog
(Image source: Four Roses whiskey, vintage ad)

Every December I need to have my egg nog.  I love the stuff!  However I find that the store bought is just too thick and sweet, I would always have to “water it down” with milk, but even then it’s still loaded with sugar and fat, which is fine once in a while, but not every day.  So being that I enjoy creating recipes, I began to play with egg nog recipes.  I soon realized that I could concoct a skinny egg nog to help keep off the holiday bulge and that way I could drink as much as I wanted without worry or guilt.   Bonus: it even has a lot of protein (after all, it is EGG nog).  It’s practically a meal replacement!  Perfect for people on a diet or fitness program or those who just want to drink as much as they want, whenever they want it.

I bundled this recipe, along with other skinny holiday recipes and diet strategies in my eBook  Holiday Dieting Handbook ($2.99 at Amazon).


Mix this up in a large pitcher, then pour into an old gallon milk jug using a funnel.  Drink as much as you want, guilt-free.  Enjoy!

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