Funniest Mommy Memes

Published Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

A collection of my original funniest mommy memes parodying and/or exemplifying the reality of motherhood.  Feel free to share with your friends, but please give credit to the source.  Share buttons are on the left.  Enjoy!

Most of Adulthood meme mommyperfect

Halloween expectation vs reality

Ya I know what "Netflix and chill" means but right now I'm gonna sit down and watch Netflix.

You said Netflix and chill so I made popcorn.

Pinterest moms are making homemade soap and paleo cookies and I'm all like, "I took a shower and kept the kids alive."

Why do you want me to take a shower before we watch Netflix? Oh your said "Netflix and chill".

Once you have kids "Netflix and chill" means sit down and watch a movie.

If "Netflix and chill" means sex what am I supposed to say when I want to watch Netflix?


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