Skinny and Simple Apple Crisp

Published Wednesday, May 25th, 2016
Skinny and Simple Apple Crisp recipe Mommy Perfect
(Image source: Mommy Perfect – Skinny and Simple Apple Crisp)

Mommy Perfect brings you a full flavor, super simple, and super low calorie desert recipe that you can enjoy guilt-free: Skinny and Simple Apple Crisp.

Like every other normal person, I love desert.  I would eat it after every meal if I could.  Unfortunately, like every other normal person, I can’t.  If I did I would become enormous, develop type-2 diabetes, and die young of heart disease.  So in the interest of living a long, happy, healthy life I choose to eat sensibly and exercise often.

Rather than feel guilty about eating an occasional desert, I developed this skinny and simply apple crisp recipe.  It’s a full flavor desert, with truly healthy ingredients, even my kids can’t tell that its good for them.  Plus its SO easy to make — you can prepare this dish in 5 minutes (not counting bake time).

See my guide How to Use 10 Common Apple Varieties for help choosing which apples to use.   Or just use Granny Smith which are always a reliable baking apple.





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